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Introduction of the Company – TD/GGHMS

Who is TD?

Founded in April 2009, TD is a consulting firm that provides Joint Commission consulting service. We provide standardized processes and tools for tracking and
resolving complaints from clients and employees. We implement and maintain processes to help clinical errors and reduce the number of events that lead to
revenue loss.

We identify, report, document and resolve all issues that require communication with any regulatory, certification or licensing entity including State Boards, the Joint Commission and insurance providers.

TD spends time in registries enhancing what they do best and provides solutions for challenges. We help registries achieve and maintain Joint Commission
Certification by utilizing our library of customized forms, tools and processes.

We strengthen infrastructure with best practices and reinforce the credibility of a company with The Joint Commission “Gold Seal”!

Who is GGHMS?

Founded in 2018, Grace & Goss Healthcare Management Services is a pioneer organization in supplying outsourced labor to Healthcare Staffing companies in the
USA. Healthcare Staffing is one of the fastest growing segments of the American Staffing Industry.

Grace & Goss Healthcare Management Services combines specialized knowledge and expertise in relationship management with superior execution to deliver
outsourced solutions and consulting services. Grace & Goss Healthcare Management Services serves some of the American Healthcare Staffing Industry’s
fastest growing most innovative organizations.

Filipino-owned, Grace & Goss is dedicated providing the best possible experience to its employees here at home.
Headquartered in Quezon City prides itself valuing the people of the organization above all else. If the people that work at Grace and Goss treat each other with
respect, fairness, compassion and with highest possible level of customer service, then, they will in turn treat our customers the same way.

People behind Grace & Goss HMS


Who is Thaddeus Dufelmeier?

  • First began working in healthcare staffing in 2000
  • First began working in healthcare staffing in 2000
  • Launched his first company in 2007 focused on Joint Commission Preparation
  • CEO of Theodore Drew & Associates (Founded 2009)
  • Published author and recognized Workforce and Quality Management Expert
  • 30+ Healthcare Staffing Organizations currently on retainer providing one or more of the following services:
  1. Joint Commission Preparation  
  2. Joint Commission Maintenance 
  3. Clinical Oversight 
  4. Full Spectrum Credentialing
  5. Candidate Sourcing 


The Name


Came from the second names of Thad’s (2) children: Owen Theodore Dufelmeier Wesley Drew Dufelmeier


Came from the second names of Thad & Meg Mary Grace Guizar-Lumauig Thaddeus Goss Dufelmeier

The Grace & Goss Healthcare Management Services Vision: To be a permanent fixture in the Filipino business and philanthropic communities.  
The Grace & Goss Healthcare Management Services Mission: To be an organization focused on the growth development and well-being of its employees as the employees will, in return, focus on the growth development and well-being of their organization and their clients.

Together we Innovate, Achieve, Contribute. 
Our team is focused on integrity, honesty, confidentiality, commitment and industry knowledge. 
Above all, we understand that when our clients win, we win.

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