BPO Services

We Outsource Our Clients’ Business Needs

Grace & Goss Healthcare Management Services offers Business Process Outsourcing for all of our clients. We save our clients’ time and money by fulfilling some of their common administrative functions to our organization, allowing us to leverage a lower cost of labor, which helps a business keep a healthy bottom line.

Our business process outsourcing department is able to perform virtually all industry-specific tasks at 40% of the usual cost of performing these tasks in-house.

Credentialing is burdensome time consuming and expensive. Theodore Drew and Associates has a deep understanding of the modern continuum of credentialing. We are able to separate the customer service communication-oriented tasks from the technology-driven, mundane and highly repetitive tasks of onboarding your candidates and perform each and every one of those tasks with expertise speed and care.

We help our clients in terms of administrative needs including:

  • Posting Jobs
  • Screening Resumes
  • Screening & Interviewing Candidates
  • Communication & Follow-Up with Candidates and Clients
  • Sorting and Labeling Documents
  • Uploading Files to Client and Internal Software
  • Submitting Profiles
  • Calling Per Diem Clients for Staffing Needs
  • Calling Per Diem Staff for Availability

Sales and Marketing

  • Graphics Design
  • Digital Marketing

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